My Driscoll Ancestors


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My Driscoll Ancestors

Thanks to the 1901 census I have been able to find a great amount of information on my ancestors, my father Frederick Charles was born in York to George and Sarah Driscoll, Sarah died in 1922 when my father was only 2, George died in 1946 unfortunately my father was still overseas in the armed forces when he died so most documents were lost. They are both buried in York.


My grandfathers father was also called George and he was Married to Agnes Dearlove, they also lived in York but thanks to the 1901 census becoming available online I found out he was born in Bristol, where I was able to get his birth certificate



The birth certificate gave me information on his father and mother and with his date of birth I was able to find him on the 1851 census for Bristol. George and Agnes are both buried in York.




After finding my gggrandfather Jeremiah I went down to Bristol for a few days to see what I could find in the records office, knowing he was a policeman I looked through the police records and actually found him



This gave his height when he became a policeman 1844 and where and when born Ireland 1821 also that he was promoted to Sergeant in 1845 and resigned in 1854


With the information from the census showing his wife's name Phoebe Watts I then went to Bristol City Library and looked at the St Anne's index to see if I could find when he was married and I did, this gave his fathers name as William, I have looked for him in the UK and he doesn't appear on any census record so it looks like Jeremiah came over from Ireland on his own or with brothers or sisters, I now have to find him in Ireland which is going to be more difficult.



Jeremiah and his whole family seem to have moved to York  sometime after 1854 where he turns up as a Detective Sergeant this is an extract from York archives

He died in 1870 of Cirrhosis of the Liver aged 49 his wife Phoebe died in 1887 and are both buried in York. My next trip is to York to get there death certificates.



One of the most interesting things for me was to find that my gggrandfather had a twin brother William who when they went to York became a Fire Engine Engineer, (George was a joiner) I contacted York Archives to see if they had any information on him and they sent me 13 letters he had written in 1882/1884.


William and his family are also buried in York.


There is loads of information out there for you to find, hopefully one day I will be able to trace Jeremiah and William back to Ireland.

The background photo is my father, born 1920 died 1996

Below are the descendents of William Driscoll